Онлайн-чат Заздвони нам

Saving account for business

Use temporary free funds to receive additional income for your enterprise!

Current interest rates

Account balance (UAH)
Interest rate
less than 100 000
from 100 000,01 to 1 000 000
from 1 000 000,01 tо 2 000 000,00
from 2 000 000,01 tо 20 000 000
above 20 000 000,01

Key conditions:

  • Free of charge opening and maintenance
  • Currency – UAH
  • Interest payment - monthly, on the last working day of the month
  • Free of charge funds placement and return from the savings account
  • You are able to make non-cash transactions only on/from your Saving account for business and transactions of deposit amount redemption as well as interest repayment to your own current accounts opened at Universal Bank

Advantages of Saving account for business from Universal Bank:

  • Simplicity – signing only one agreement for opening of saving account
  • Benefit – profitable interest rates for savings on demand, changing depending to the amount of the account balance
  • Flexibility – increasing/decreasing saving account amount is possible without signing any additional agreements
  • Ease – free replenishment and return of funds using Universal Bank current account 24 from any place of the world via Internet Banking
  • Advantageous – wide range of savings account amounts with pre-defined interest rates on them that provide possibility to receive additional income
  • Convenience - full deposit repayment is possible without termination of agreement and additional coordination with the Bank. The account can be used for placement of new funds repeatedly
  • Efficiency – only you can decide whether your money work or not while you relax!
Bank account agreement
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