Онлайн-чат Заздвони нам

Thethird largest world system of money transfers for private individuals. 235 000service points in 133 countries of the world. RIA is the most popular moneytransfers system from the USA, Canada, Italy, Portugal and Spain to Ukraine.

How to send RIA Money Transfers via Universal Bank?

  • Show personal identity document and inform Bank manager on the amount of money transfer and payment destination country
  • Conduct transfer payment and RIA Money Transfers fee
  • Receive reference number and transfer receipt               
  • Share this number with the receiver. Just in 10 minutes he/she will receive money!

How to receive RIA Money Transfers at Universal Bank?

  • Enquire for transfer number and amount
  • Visit the nearest Universal Bank branch
  • Fill in the blank on transfer receiving with indication of transfer reference number. Show personal identity document
  • Receive money

General conditions:

  • Transfers abroad are sent in EUR and USD
  • Transfer payments from abroad are made in EUR and USD
  • Transfer fees are paid only by the sender. Money transfer payment is free of charge
  • For money transfers transactions via RIA Money Transfers system neither the sender nor the receiver needs banking accounts (except when required by the law)
  • If transfer is sent or paid with current account opening, such current account opening is free of charge for the client
RIA Money Transfers tariffs
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Special requirements and limitations for foreign currency transfers outside of Ukraine
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