Platinum Package provides exclusive service 24/7!

  • Numerous  benefits
    Numerous benefits

    - Additional income with current account in local currency

    and Megaflexible saving account in foreign currency

    - plus 0,25% per annum to the standard interest rate for term deposits

    - Increased limits for cash withdrawal

  • Convenient account management
    Convenient account management

    - Via Internet Banking, SMS Banking

    - VIP phone line: 044 3915656

    - Standing order for regular payments

  • Additional comfort
    Additional comfort

    - Room for negotiations and business meetings

    - Access to lounge halls Lounge Keys in the international airports

  • Currency card
    Currency card

    You can get debit card in USD and EUR

You can download presentation here or visit the official website .

Attention! If you are already Platinum Package owner and want to get insurance police for travelling abroad, please fill in online-request here .

Keep in mind safe payments via Internet tips:

  • Use licensed antivirus
  • Carefully read Safety Reminder and always follow it
  • Regularly update virus database
Safety Reminder
Download here
Adviser on protection from phone scam
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Limits for cash and settlement services, withdrawals
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Contract of banking services of the FO (offer)
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Tariffs for settlement and cash servicing of individuals - holders of Platinum-deposit boxes
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Tariffs for settlement and cash services for package owners for payments
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