"Ne teryai!"

Insurance program of our partner Insurance Company “Confidence and Guarantee” PJSC provides fast and safe return lost things or compensates recovery expenses to the owner

 The program includes: 

  • Organization of lost things return and reward to a person who finds them
  • Compеnsation of expenses for documents recovery, lost keys productio or locks change according to the program terms and conditions

 The program protects: 

  • Documents: passport, foreign passport, сеrtificate of car registration, driving license, pensioner’s identity document or certificate of person disabled

  • Keys: keys of the car, flat or house
  • Mobile devices: only organization of return if they are found (without compensation of their cost)

 Amount of compensation (max) - UAH 2 000: 

  • in case of losing documents - up to UAH 1000

  • in case of losing keys - up to UAH 1000

 The program cost and term: 

  • Cost of the program «Ne teryai!» - UAH 250
  • Insurance agreement should be activated during 5 days from the day of purchase

  • The term of the program - 12 months (agreement comes into effect from the next day after activation, it runs on the whole territory of Ukraine, except occupied territories and ATO zone)

 The service is very simple to use:

  • Add keychain to your keys, stickers on your documents and/or mobile devices
  • Now your things are under protection. In case of loss just call 0 800 300 992 and inform insurance company about all details of the incident

Insurance Company “Confidence and Guarantee” Private Joint Stock Company. License АВ № 5846450 as of 30.06.2011 (without time limit) issued by the State Commission for Regulation of Financial Services Market. More details by the link