Онлайн-чат Заздвони нам
Our advantages
  • The highest deposit rating at the level «5»
  • Being in TOP ratings of reliable Ukrainian banks

About us

  • Universal Bank is reliable bank operating on the Ukrainian market for more than 20 years.
  • We are up-to-date universal bank that provides wide range of services for private individuals and legal entities. High quality servicing of the Ukrainian business is our strategy.
  • Our vision is organic growth based on impeccable reputation and complete professionalism of our team.
  • Our goal is continuous improvement of banking relationships with our clients at all levels of cooperation.
  • Statutory capital of Universal Bank amounts to UAH 3.102 billion, we are a member of Deposit Guarantee Fund and have high long-term credit rating at the level "uaAA" according to Credit Rating Agency.

Our values

  • Equal opportunities
    equal opportunities for recognition
  • Creativity
    we innovate continuously to improve our business and ourselves
  • Trust and respect for people
    ... for our colleagues, clients, fellow citizens. With trust you may win any peak
  • Team work
    we go ahead owing to our team work
  • Efficiency
    we always strive to hit the target
  • Quality
    our aim is excellence in everything we do
  • Social responsibility
    our social contribution is always the integral part of our activity

Our awards

В квітні 2018 журнал «Бізнес» опублікував щорічні результати дослідження «Фінансовий Оскар»,  у якому наш банк традиційно став лауреатом нагороди. Ми повторили успіх минулого року в ТОП-5 номінантів "Вибір населення" - таку високу позицію наш банк зайняв за досягнення в сфері обслуговування фізичних осіб та притягнення депозитів.

On July 31, 2018 the Credit-Rating Agency announced the results of update of deposit ratings assigned to Ukrainian banks. The Agency confirmed the highest bank deposit rating of Universal Bank at the level «5».

At the end of October magazine "Business" published the results of the study "Financial Oscar 2017. The first half year". Our bank entered TOP-5 nomination "Choice of the population"

On September 19, 2017 the agency "Credit Rating" confirmed again the long-term credit rating of Universal Bank at the level uaAA with enhanced outlook "posotive".

TOP-5 of reliability of small and medium-sized retail banks rating, September 2017 according to "Dengi" edition

At the end of April 2017 Universal Bank entered the TOP-20 rating "50 Leading Ukrainian Banks" as a result of the annual research compiled by information agency "Financial Club".

Universal Bank entered TOP-20 Rating of Bank Stability, compiled by the financial portal "Minfin" as the result of Q 2, 2017.

Universal Bank entered TOP-25 of Ukrainian banks health -2017 rating according to the independent business portal Mind

At the end of April 2016 Universal Bank entered the Top-10 rating of ultra-reliable banks according to the magazine  «LIchniy schet»

Universal Bank entered the TOP-5 ranking of reliability among largest and large banks in Q4 2015 and a year as a whole. The comprehensive assessment of large and largest banks was updated by «Dengi» and published at the end of February, 2016.

According to "Financial Oscar. Autumn 2015 "rating, which was published by the "Business" magazine on "November 2, 2015, Universal Bank entered the TOP-10 banks in the category" Corporate Partner ", occupying 6th position in the ranking. This nomination reflects best results in servicing of corporate clients

In February 2015 Universal Bank entered the TOP-20 retail banks in Ukraine according to the periodical «Focus».

In January 2015 Universal bank took 14th place in the rating of 20 most reliable banks of Ukraine by «Forbes-Ukraine»

On January 30, 2014 international Company VISA International awarded Universal Bank for outstanding success in the implementation and promotion of packages for individuals «Lucky Card». Specially emphasized were such characteristics of Lucky Card as brightness and attractiveness for customers.

In December 2013 Universal Bank got the reward in the nomination «Bank for entrepreneurs» based on the results of Ukrainian Banker Awards 2013

On February 1, 2013 Universal Bank became one of the twenty most efficient banks in Ukraine according to Forbes Ukraine.

In November 2012 the Banker magazine named Universal Bank a winner of the “Best Bank of deposit programs for corporate clients” award at the4th Ukrainian 2012 Bank of Year Contest

In December 2012 the financial and economic weekly"Investgazeta" summarized the activities of Ukrainian banks, under which Universal Bank was awarded in the category "The Most Dynamic Bank".

In November 2011 the Banker magazine named Universal Bank a winner of the “Most Innovative Bank of Ukraine” award at the 3rd Ukrainian 2011 Bank of Year Contest

In July 2010 Miltiadis Papanikolaou, CEO of Universal Bank, was ranked 2nd on the list of “Top-10 Best Performing Banking Executives”, which was released by an influential rating agency “Expert–Rating” jointly with the business magazine “Expert Ukraine” as part of the “2010 Best Financiers” rating project

In July 2010 Universal Bank was named as the 2nd most stable bank among 50 Ukrainian banks, according to the results of the rating of economic stability of Ukrainian banks carried out by «Kontrakty» business weekly as part of the project titled “2010 Top Banks 2010”.

In April 2010 Universal Bank received the “2009 Most Professional Bank” award from «Bizness» business weekly based on the results of its 12th annual Financial Rating.

Universal Bank demonstrated the high level of reliability and was classified as a bank capable of withstanding the impact of adverse factors in the short term, according to the rating of banks conducted by the Expert-Rating rating agency in 2009. The Bank received one of the highest ratings at the level "A".

Universal Bank took 1st place for the customer service among Ukraine’s 25 largest banks, according to the rating of banks released by the Expert magazine in December 2009

In August 2009 Universal Bank was ranked on the list of Ukraine’s TOP-5 banks with the highest level of deposits reliability, according to the rating of Ekonomichna Pravda

In December 2008 the Universal Bank’s comprehensive communication campaign conducted during March-August 2008 won a silver award in the financial services category at EFFIE Awards Ukraine 2008, the prestigious marketing effectiveness contest

FFIn October 2008 Universal Bank was awarded the 2nd place in the “2008 Most Dynamic Bank” and “2008 Banking Product” categories, according to the results of the Bank of Year 2008 Annual Contest organized by MasterCard