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In order to send money via Universal Bank you should:

  • Have a passport or some personal identification with you;
  • Tell the bank employee the amount and currency of money you want to send, destination country and name & surname of the receiver;
  • Choose the payout currency. Bank employee provides you with the list of possible currency for the payment;
  • Give the money you want to send and the transfer fee to the bank cashier. The fee is usually paid in UAH according to the NBU rate;
  • Bank employee will provide you a reference number, which confirms that, send transaction is completed.
  • Contact the person to whom you’re sending the money and give him or her reference number. The reference number should not in any way be disclosed to third parties;
  • In just few minutes the money will be ready to collect at any location of MoneyGram in the country of destination.

In order to receive money you should:

  • Have a passport or some personal identification with you;
  • Provide to the bank employee the reference number;
  • Sign simple ‘receive’ form and you will then be given your money.
MoneyGram tariffs
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MoneyGram tariffs 15.10.2019
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Special requirements and limitations for foreign currency transfers outside of Ukraine
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