Deposit Guarantee Fund

PJSC "Universal Bank" is a member of Deposit Guarantee Fund since September 2, 1999 and has the Certificate of Deposit Guarantee Fund member № 024 as of October 18, 2012.

  • Deposit Guarantee Fund is established according to the Decree of the President of Ukraine as of September 10, 1998 № 996/98 and operates according to the Law of Ukraine "On System of Individual Deposit Guarantee".
  • The Fund is a specialized state institution that performs the functions of public administration in individual deposit guaranteeing.
  • The main objective of the Fund in Ukraine is to protect the rights and interests of private individuals - depositors of banks and branches of foreign banks.
  • The Fund guarantees to every depositors of bank— member of the Fund compensation of deposits placed, including interest accrued on the date when decision of the National Bank of Ukraine on referring bank to the category of insolvent and initiating withdrawal of bank from the market was made,  but the compensation does not exceed UAH 200 000*.
  • Information for depositors on the official web-site of the Fund  

Terms and conditions of guaranteed compensation payment by the Deposit Guarantee Fund:

  • Depositor accrues the right to receive guaranteed amount on deposits at the expenses of the Fund funds within the limited amount of deposit conditions when decision on banking license withdrawal and bank’s liquidation was made.
  • In the case of placement of several deposits in one bank, a branch of a foreign bank, the amount of all deposits are guaranteed, but within guaranteed amount limit.
  • Payment of guaranteed amounts by the Fund is accomplished in local currency in cash or non-cash at official exchange rate of hryvnia to foreign currencies, set by the National Bank of Ukraine on the day when National Bank of Ukraine made decision on referring bank to the category of insolvent and initiated bank’s exiting procedure from the market and temporary administration entering.

For detailed information on procedure of private individuals’ deposits’ guarantee in Ukraine, please contact Deposit Guarantee Fund:

Hotlineof Deposit Guarantee Fund: 0800308108 (free of charge in Ukraine).

Official web-page of Deposit Guarantee Fund: 

DepositGuarantee Fund address: 04053, Kyiv, 17 Sichovykh Striltsiv Street

Deposits Guarantee Fund Certificate
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Information on private individuals’ deposits guarantee system
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Information about Deposit Guarantee Fund
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* The Decision of Administration Board of Deposit Guarantee Fund dated 21.08.2012 № 27 "On increasing the amount of deposit compensations".