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26 August 2016

Want to get a reward for your shopping?
Would you like to have the daily support of the reliable financial partner in any country of the world?
Emphasis your own status!
Would you like to keep Luck in your purse?
Deposit from a reliable bank!
Wish to have a convenient tool for you and your business?
Would you like your money to work 24h a day in order to bring you profit?
Would you like to know more on the benefits of the modern treasury products for you business?
Security paper that removes all restrictions! 
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23 August 2016
The lucky winners gaining money reward in the amount of UAH 1,500 are: Messrs Yuri, Igor, Dmitriy, Alexey, Anton, Juri from Kiev; Mrs Tatiana-Anastasia from Uzhgorod; Mrs Olga from Lviv; Mr Igor from Zaporozhye. 
22 August 2016
Dear clients! We heartily congratulate you on Ukrainian Independence Day! We also inform you that due to the celebration Universal Bank branches will work in the following mode
17 August 2016
Dear clients! Now you can order credit card statement in any convenient way: by visiting Universal Bank branch; via Call-Center; by formation in the systen "Internet-Banking".
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